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The drought in North Kenya, since 1960's has become worse in recent ten years. One of the nomad tribe, Turkana, crossed over the boarder between nations and tribes to provide water and grass for their livestock after long years of drought.
As the result, war between tribes has began and guns become necessary to protect oneself and their goats. Two goats provides a AK47 and a goat gives them 60 bullets. Global warming makes people who are least related with environment pollution, to carry guns instead of staff to protect themselves. hong ji01.jpg hong ji04_v2.jpg hong ji06.jpg hong ji07.jpg hong ji08.jpg hong ji09.jpg hong ji10.jpg hong ji11.jpg hong ji12.jpg hong ji14.jpg hong ji17.jpg hong ji18.jpg hong ji19.jpg hong ji20.jpg hong ji21.jpg hong ji22.jpg hong ji23.jpg hong ji24.jpg hong ji25.jpg hong ji26.jpg hong ji27.jpg hong ji28.jpg hong ji29.jpg hong ji30.jpg hong ji34.jpg hong ji38.jpg hong ji39.jpg hong ji35.jpg hong ji37.jpg hong ji40.jpg